Save Money and Prevent Data Breaches with Professional Printer Management

Printer problems can be frustrating.

Even when you’re not having problems, the costs associated with supporting your printers really adds up. Over time, the paper is expensive. Ounce for ounce, the ink is more expensive than fine Champagne. Southwest Networks will predict your printing needs ahead of time, allowing us to control those costs as much as possible.

We’ll cut your printing expenses even further by streamlining your process and making your printing infrastructure more efficient. Getting new printers costs money, but it’ll cost you even more to try and make due with old printers, which slow down productivity and cost more to maintain. We’ll upgrade outdated equipment so that your employees can work through assignments and collaborate on projects with minimal disruption.

And by making your printer process more efficient, using fewer materials and less electricity, we allow you to cut down on waste and make your office a greener workplace.

Professional Printer Security to Prevent Data Breaches

More and more businesses are switching to wireless printers, but that added convenience can put your data at risk if you’re not careful, as wireless printers are often overlooked as an access point that needs to be protected. If a wireless printer is unsecured or poorly secured, a cybercriminal might be able to view every document being printed.

Losing valued clients’ information this way will really cost you, as you could get hit with a class-action lawsuit and regulatory fines in addition to what it will cost to clean up the breach itself (notifying affected clients, providing free identity theft and credit monitoring, damaged relationships and reputation, etc.).

We know how to secure your printers, so no one will be able to see you or your client’s sensitive information.

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