Hosted Exchange: More Affordable, More Reliable, More Secure, and Just All-Around Better than Onsite Email Solutions

Microsoft Exchange is vital to your success, allowing your staff to communicate instantly and effortlessly while keeping records of those messages at the same time.

Exchange can also be quite an expense. As your business grows and you add on more and more employees, storing all those records and supporting all those inboxes requires expensive equipment and professional support. Or, you could outsource your email needs with a hosted Exchange solution to cut down on those operating costs.

Hosted Exchange Services Provided By Southwest Networks

Let’s take a look at how onsite Exchange servers and hosted Exchange solutions compare:

  • Round 1 – Cost: advantage goes to hosted Exchange

Servers cost thousands of dollars; the support of those servers costs thousands more. Hosted Exchange puts all those expenses into the provider’s hands; all you have to deal with is a much more affordable remote access fee.

Also, using hosted Exchange allows you to easily predict your future costs. You won’t have to waste any more time or money on budgeting projections for your email needs.

  • Round 2 – Reliability: advantage goes to hosted Exchange

Turns out the old saying “you get what you pay for” isn’t exactly true. Although hosted servers are more affordable, they’re also simply better servers as well. Even the in-house IT departments at Fortune 500 companies don’t have the resources or the skill set to build datacenters nearly this powerful, secure, or reliable.

The average SMB onsite email server offers about 98% uptime, while our hosted Exchange solutions offer 99.999% uptime. That 1.999% bump may seem like a small difference, but when you work it out over the 365 days and 8,765 hours of a year, you’ll have to deal with over 7 days, a full week, of downtime a year using onsite Exchange, and you’d only have a couple hours a year using hosted Exchange.

  • Round 3 –Support: advantage goes to hosted Exchange

Problems with email cut off your most valuable method of communication. Assignments, projects, everything gets delayed. Your employees can’t do what you’re paying them to do. These are problems that need to be solved as quickly as possible.

With hosted Exchange you are being supported by a 24×7 dedicated Exchange staff, and a 24×7 dedicated Windows staff, and a 24×7 dedicated networking staff. Not only will issues be dealt with quickly; they’re much less likely to happen in the first place compared to what you would experience if you had to maintain your own servers.

  • Results: hosted Exchange, by unanimous decision

That wasn’t even fair. Hosted Exchange swept onsite Exchange, winning 3 of 3 contests. We will implement and manage your hosted Exchange solution so that you can start taking advantage of these benefits right away.

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