Those We Help In Southern California

We Serve Many Different Industries in California

No two businesses are exactly alike. We look at each of our client’s individual goals and customize our service plans to ensure that the support we provide always makes the most sense for their unique goals and needs.

Verticals we serve include: Accounting Firms, Country Clubs, Education, Local Government, Power Plants, Water Districts and other Small Businesses.

Get More Bang for Your Buck and More Production Out of Your Workforce

We support country clubs, accounting firms, and many other local small businesses. We support larger organizations as well, including water districts and power plants.

First of all, by monitoring your network and responding to issues remotely, we can provide you with all the benefits of an in-house IT department at a much lower cost.

The business value of our services goes beyond just cutting costs. We regularly assess the state of your IT environment to find and fix problems before they do any damage, upgrading or replacing hardware before it fails and correcting vulnerabilities before your network is breached. This proactive support provides you with less downtime, less downtime means that your workforce will be able to get more assignments done, finish projects faster and produce more revenue.

Medical and Dental: Keeping You HIPAA Compliant

Cybersecurity should be a high priority for every business, as a breach could result in a class-action lawsuit, and even if you don’t get sued it would certainly harm your reputation.

That said, cybersecurity is more of a concern in some fields than others. Medical and dental practices have to secure PHI and keep themselves HIPAA compliant, or suffer the consequences (healthcare organizations face up to $1.5 million in fines for every HIPAA security provision they violate).

We know what it takes to keep you HIPAA compliant (encryption, archiving, etc.), so you won’t have to deal with huge fines.

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