Reliable and professional

We can always rely on Southwest Networks. We have relied on the professional staff from Southwest Networks for over 10 years. Thanks to Southwest Networks the City of Indian Wells has a reliable and robust infrastructure which allows City Staff to work efficiently and effectively.

Nick Werner
City of Indian Wells

They let us focus on our business

Southwest Networks knows our entire network. It gives us peace of mind and more time to focus on our business knowing that our network and computers are always up and running and that we are safe from spam, viruses and data breaches.

Keith Lyrla
Lund and Guttry

Forward thinking that boosts efficiency

Matt and his group keep us compliant, but not from a reactionary stance – from forward-thinking. Matt and his team are a forward thinking group of guys, always finding ways for us to utilize technology to run our business more efficiently. We count on them to run our business – keeping our systems ...Read More

Rick Butler
Desert Pain Care Medicine Group

Always looking to the Future

Cost is never the primary issue with me. I want someone that knows what they are doing and can communicate with me why I need to go this direction. You have never let me down and are always coming to me with things that need to be worked on or improved. I am of the mind that a system is never complete, ...Read More

David A. Cooper
Always looking to the Future
David A. Cooper, CPA

Quality and People

If you want quality you have to pay for it, and considering the cost of computer equipment, it just makes good business sense to retain the best people to care for it.

Quality and People
Lund and Guttry

Client for over 15 years

For over 15 years Southwest Networks has kept our firm running smooth and let us know when it’s time for replacing servers, computers, printers, scanners and software. They keep a complete list of all our equipment, which is very helpful. We have the most current Firewalls, Backup System, Spyware, ...Read More

Client for over 15 years
Brabo & Carlsen

Employee Training, The First Step to Securing your Company

Southwest Networks, Inc. Security Training experience has been enlightening to our whole firm. Matt brought awareness to areas of concern that were unspoken, invaluable, timely and provided a cost savings to our Firm. The educational training our team received went over items we just don’t think ...Read More

Lorene McDonald
Lund & Guttry, LLP

There Is No Downtime…

Since Southwest Networks moved us to Office 365, there is no downtime. We are consistently productive. The staff provides quick response to my needs for issues large and small, superior to what I received before.

Southwest Networks has developed a level of service that ...Read More

Lisa Redfern
Pacific Coast Escrow

Great Help Desk!

We have relied on Southwest Networks to support our company for the last 15 years. Recently they transitioned our email to Office 365 with no down time. We can still easily access our email from any device, even if we have issues with the power or internet in our office.

Additionally, ...Read More

Leslie Stiles
GHA Companies

Great Response Time!

Southwest Networks has been our IT company for the past few years they have a GREAT response time, whether that be to address our questions or concerns, or to address our specific service needs. They provide thorough explanations using laymen’s terminology (no tech speak) to understand ...Read More

Debbie Frazer
Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce

There When You Need Them

We have trusted Southwest Networks with our IT needs for the past 20 years. They recently helped us upgrade to Office 365. The biggest benefit for me has been the ability to access my calendar and contacts from anywhere. Their responsiveness to our tech issues in real time has been ...Read More

David V. Humphrey, Jr.
Cosgrove, Cosgrove & Humphrey

Wonderful Staff

I can’t say enough wonderful things about the staff at Southwest Networks! They have been taking care of our technical needs for the past 18 years. The techs are always there for us, If there is ever a problem they will correct it!

Arline Titone
G.O. Langlois Construction