Why Does Southwest Networks Exist?

Southwest Networks Provides Proactive Support, Quick Response Times, and Expert Advice for California Businesses

The break/fix approach will actually cost you a lot of money. It may seem like you can save a little by forgoing any kind of IT support until you absolutely need it because something breaks, but those short-term savings will be eliminated (and then some) by the eventual disaster that such neglect will surely bring.

For example, neglecting to take care of your hardware will take away the tools your employees need to do their jobs, because it will eventually fail. The consequences of not securing your network could be even worse, as an online security breach could result in you getting hit with a class-action lawsuit or, depending on the industry you belong to, steep regulatory fines (healthcare organizations have HIPAA, financial organizations must be prepared for FDIC and SEC audits, anyone who accepts credit cards has to comply with PCI DDS, etc.).

That’s why we believe in a proactive approach. We monitor your network and regularly assess your IT infrastructure to replace hardware before it fails and burdens your business with productivity-crippling downtime while also finding vulnerabilities and fixing them before cybercriminals can take advantage.

4-Hour Response Time

You shouldn’t have to wait around too long for a call back when a technical issue is preventing your workforce from being as productive as they could be.

We guarantee that we will respond to your issue in 4 hours or less. And while we’re fixing the issue we’ll contact you by phone or email to make sure it’s resolved to your complete satisfaction.

Expert Advice You Can Trust and Understand

When we recommend a product or service, it’s always because we believe it will improve your business and bottom line, not just because we’re trying to sell you something. We don’t make recommendations unless they make sense for your budget and needs.

And when we give you advice, we make it clear. We know how to adjust from the server room to the boardroom. That means we know how to cut out needless technical explanations and other jargon to focus on business value while detailing what technology can do for you in terms that the executive team with little to no experience in IT can understand and get excited about.

Give us a call at (760) 770-5200 or send a message to info@southwest-networks.com for more information about our IT services.

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