The Benefits of VoIP: More Affordable and More Features than Traditional Phone Systems

Many California businesses are relying less and less on traditional phone systems, instead switching over to internet-based VoIP systems.

The benefits of VoIP are clear. First and foremost is the cost: communicating over the internet is much more affordable than using traditional phone lines, and switching over to VoIP often saves users 50% or more on their phone bill. You’ll find those savings to be even greater if you regularly make long-distance calls.

The telephone sets themselves can get expensive. With VoIP, all you need is a decent internet connection and a computer with a speaker and microphone, all of which you likely have already.

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You can take all those savings and use them to improve your business by addressing other needs.

And the benefits of VoIP don’t stop at simply saving money. It will also help you improve your bottom line by making your workforce more productive. VoIP allows your employees to multitask and take calls while at the same time still using the Internet or any other application they need to get their jobs done. This will give your employees more time to work through assignments and collaborate on projects, which means you’ll have an easier time meeting your revenue goals.

Also, if you often have a lot of clients on hold, VoIP will help you better manage that queue and keep your clients happy, with features like allowing you to track how long each client has been waiting and allowing clients to maintain their queue position even if the call is dropped and they have to reconnect.

Southwest Networks will set up and maintain a VoIP system for you so you can start taking advantage of these benefits right away.

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